In the Beginning

In my younger years, traveling and living abroad showed me how small I am on this great big beautiful planet. But more importantly, it also taught me how much of an impact each of us can make in our world. 

Small does not equal powerless.

One person can do tremendous good when they work in a way that aligns with their why and their calling. One person can be powerful, impactful, and life-changing for someone else. And that is the passion that drives me in my work with women entrepreneurs and CEOs. 

Friends, I firmly believe that faith the size of a mustard seed can change the world.

Around the Globe

Born and raised in New Mexico, I’m a desert-lover in my bones and will return to it someday. But the Pacific Northwest has been my home since I was 15.

After high school, I was blessed to spend three of my college years living in Israel and one year in Canada, igniting my love for travel and adventure. At last count, I had visited about 20 countries, and I’m not finished yet!

Preparing for This Moment

In my grown-up life, I spent 15 years in corporate America and helping my husband run his insurance business. And I know that at each step, God was preparing me for the career I now enjoy and cherish.

I learned how to work with integrity, no matter what others were doing.

I learned that failure is not a disaster. It’s a recipe for growth.

I learned that planning and strategy create the freedom to be adventurous.

And now, here I am, eagerly serving women entrepreneurs who are ready to thrive. Our work together isn’t always simple or straightforward, but it’s always powerful.

Play, Work, Repeat

My family life and work life are very integrated because that’s just the nature of running a business from home while raising young children. My husband, Brian, and I have two kids, Max and Charlotte.

Clients get to know Charlotte right away because she’s usually climbing on my lap at some point during each Zoom call. Max makes frequent appearances when it’s time for a snack. This is life!

Our family loves to go on adventures as often as possible. Trips to the coast, the mountains, and all the other beautiful outdoor spots around the Pacific Northwest are on the schedule most weekends.

I’m thrilled to be living a life that not only lets my family thrive but also helps me support women and children around the world through various nonprofit organizations. Spreading the Gospel through acts of kindness allows that mustard seed to grow to the greatest heights. And I’m so thankful for the opportunity to serve.