Uncertain ToUnstoppable

12 week group and private coaching!


You are readyYou are a highly motivated female entrepreneur... usually

The problem is, there has been a shift in your environment. Uncertainty in the air. Confusion has entered your unusually tangled mind and you realize, “I need help.”

What if you could have two coaches in your back pocket?

A wicked strategist and no BS mindset coach guiding you through this new normal. We will help you navigate your trajectory by keeping the pulse of your business in check and your mind from getting the better of your logical thinking.

This is why I have partnered with Selena Maestas.

It’s time to combine our forces and bring you the best possible tools for consistent results and a new outlook.

Business strategist

Sheila Gray

Sheila has 20 years of operational experience for fortune 100 companies, small business, startups and in her own entrepreneurial endeavors. All of this experience has been preparing her to start Thrive Consulting Group. Through her journey she found the most joy in helping others realize their fullest potential.

Sheila’s mission is to help you remember your ‘why’. Why you started in the first place, what motivated you, inspired you and lit that fire to do something different and impact others.

The foundation of your business is crucial to your success. Sheila will help you fill in the gaps while creating the best strategy for your business growth.

Mindset Coach

Selena Maestas

Selena is a Life Coach for working moms. She is a mindset expert with a background in Psychology and competitive athletics. She’s also a single mom to two boys.

Her mission is to dispel the myth that you don’t have to choose between motherhood and a fulfilling professional life. You CAN run a business, be an amazing mom, AND not lose yourself in the process.

She understands that your mind is the ONLY thing holding you back. Selena will teach you how to manage your mind to bust through overwhelm, doubt, and fear.

With this new found confidence, she will help you take the leap from your past to your possibility…and your INEVITABILITY!

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This isn't your typical 12 week Group program

Together, they will teach you the top tools of creating a solid mindset AND strategy to make your vision a reality.


We begin on July 6th!
This group coaching will last for 12 weeks.


  • Two amazing coaches
  • Uncertain To Unstoppable Workbook
  • Access to the best tools and resources to move you foward

Sheila and Selena will:

  • Work through Thought Leadership and HOW to find your unique strengths
  • Help you create a REAL plan for marketing based off your business and niche
  • Teach you why it is important to plan for failure and create that strategy with you
  • Show you when to hire and outsource and HOW!
  • Inspire HIGHER level thinking to drive your goals
  • Show you where your mind is keeping you from growth.
  • Give you a solid plan that brings clarity and laser focus.
  • Challenge YOU to be the CEO in your business that guarantees results.
  • Show you how to create more by doing less.
  • Teach you how to shift in an ever-changing environment to help you stay relevant

What you get:

Two coaches — definitely not the norm.
*Weekly group teaching and coaching calls
*Private coaching
-3 w/Sheila
-3 w/Selena
*Bonus coaching sessions
*Bonus Think Tank
*FB group – questions and community

This program will give you the best of both worlds.
*Strategy + Mindset = MAGIC*

Investment: $2K

*payment plans available

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