"Nothing brings me more joy than watching a business thrive"

It's Your Time to Thrive!

Friend, I see you. You are excellent at what you do, and you have the passion to last a lifetime. But you’re also exhausted from putting in all the hours without seeing the results you want in your business.

You’re stressed and confused, but you need to make money. Scratch that. You deserve to make money! Your work is valuable.

If you feel lost or unsure why things aren’t working well, trust me when I say that you aren’t doing something wrong. So get rid of that story right now. All you need is a simplified toolkit and guide for your business strategy because being an entrepreneur doesn’t have to be complicated.

Why Thrive With Us?

Our founder has 20 years of operational experience for fortune 100 companies, small business, startups and in her own entrepreneurial endeavors.  All of this experience has been preparing her to start Thrive Consulting Group.  Through her journey she found the most joy in helping others realize their fullest potential.

These experiences have bled into our company culture and have
defined why we do what we do.

I’ll help you build the foundation that gives you the steps to:

  • Earn more money without adding more work to your plate.
  • Reduce the number of hours you need to devote to your business.
  • Grow, scale, and outsource without stress or anxiety.
  • Reclaim your freedom while still sharing your gifts.
  • Make the impact in the world that you are here to make.

" To help you remember your ‘why’. Why you started in the first place, what motivated you, inspired you and lit that fire to do something different and impact others. "

— Sheila Gray, Consultant

We all provide a service and the world needs to experience what your business has to offer!

I'll help you build the foundation that gives you the steps to:

Streamline business process

We will audit and streamline your processes to efficiently maximize your time

Provide structure for organizational development

Increase your toolbox with our resources for growing your business

Increase performance

Elevate your entire teams performance with the right tools, strategy and guidance

Your why

What is your purpose? What drives you?  Let us bring you back to that place!

Reignite the passion

Passion for what you do - love for what you do

Make an impact

Make the impact in the world that you are here to make.

Which level of service is right for you?

Thrive Consulting exists to provide business coaching and strategy for entrepreneurs at many levels. I serve clients in three strategic ways:


For those in the exploratory or startup stage of business, my freebies are the perfect way to start introducing strategy. Each one helps you focus on one area so that you move away from overwhelm and into confidence. Grab your complimentary downloads today!


The Rise + Thrive YOUniversity offers courses to meet you wherever you are in your business journey. From foundational strategy on up, these evergreen classes allow you to work at your pace through the material and give you action steps to implement it in your business. Find out how to get started today.

As we assess your current climate we will spend time with you, your team and in your business. We will then make recommendations and help you plan and prioritize. You will light some fires, burn the midnight oil and get that passion back all in the name of success!


High earners who are poised to scale are ready to work with me in a six-week intensive program. During this time, you will reconnect with your why to move forward with confidence, clarity, and success. If you are ready to do the work, apply for consideration in the next round of intensives.


Are you ready to find your next right step? Do you have questions about the best service for your needs? Send me an email or schedule a free discovery call so we can connect. You can also check out Rise & Thrive YOUniversity for my upcoming courses.